VAPE COFFEE, a game changer now shifting the coffee roasting process to new heights in quality, taste and aromatic experience.

Through its innovation and meticulous roasting   profiling  VAPE’s artisanal coffee transports the senses with each sip while always exceeding the expectation with every cup of coffee.  A journey that makes VAPE one of the World’s premier coffee roasting masters delivering excellent favor, wellness and a low carbon foot print.




VAPE’s revolutionary coffee roasting technology occurs in a quasi vacuum chamber comprised of hot air moving in ferocious circles controlled at a predetermined temperature within a low oxygen environment. The coffee beans are mixed into the stream of hot air where the boiling process occurs to form a fluidized environment that enables high homogeneity and purity of the coffee bean without direct contact to the hot surface.


VAPE’s main technological advantage is the ability to prevent the formation of carcinogens in a low oxygen environment during roasting. This unique dynamic warrants the absence and removal of by-products such as coffee husks, grain waste and other harmful substances to the human body during the VAPE roasting process.


To achieve maximum efficiency and reduce under or over roasting VAPE implements precision controlled temperature roasting with even distribution throughout the coffee bean. The VAPE roasting profile preserves the coffee’s naturally saturated elements, vitamins and essential oils culminating a high quality coffee bean rich in superior flavor and aromatic properties.

VAPE purity levels are realized via the prompt and easy cleaning of its roasting chamber in between batches without interrupting the process and further optimizing the roasting schedule. Another key

differentiator that significantly reduces down time and the carbon footprint on the environment.


Coffee, ‘the nectar of the gods’. We all know what it is and how its the second most consumed fuel on the planet. We can also consider that while the supply and demand for coffee is high with inelastic pricing the industry has room for improvement. So for a moment we’ll skip the obvious stats to let you know what makes VAPE’s specialty coffee so different. And how we can help the industry improve towards more sustainability.


Established in 2014 in Pembroke Park, FL, VAPE COFFEE & CO. (VAPE) emanates from a a story of passion, aspirations and an unparalleled commitment to excellence. VAPE yields the World’s most exceptional and unblemished coffee due to its exclusive patented roasting technology.

 VAPE ensues from the need and demand to deliver quality coffee and taste while furthering the economic value in the marketplace.  VAPE impacts its marketplace by integrating a seamless exchange between roaster and consumer by via an amazing high quality cup of coffee.

Beyond impacting the key pillars (health, taste, economics) and requirements of the coffee roasting and retailing market, VAPE fortifies its market place by exceeding the expectation in safety, customer service and value addition


VAPE’s business model enables and empowers a fair value exchange between all parties in the marketplace. This includes a farm to cup strategy with traceability and the potential to establish intrinsic value in the coffee market.   

These inherit ethos and transparency shapes VAPE’s DNA into a positive disruptor and paradigm shifter allowing more consumer freedom, convenience and trust in their approach to the coffee market place and what coffee they drink

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 ‘Vapor Roasting’ is the best in the world and is incontestable to any other fluidized bed roasting technology. Hence our name VAPE COFFEE.

Most critics and consumers measure coffee based on the quality of the green bean.  Unbeknownst to most consumers even excellent green beans lose their tasting characteristics during roasting.  A frequent result caused by the absorption of combustion by-products when roasters are not cleaned between batches. The conventional coffee roaster accumulates combustion waste on its walls and other parts allowing every subsequent new batch of coffee beans to be exposed to the waste of the previous batch. This diminishes the quality and tasting properties of the finished product furthermore exposing volatile compounds to the consumer of that coffee. VAPE’s roasting technology allows us to clean the roasting chamber after each batch rendering the cleanest and lowest carcinogen coffee on the planet.  

VAPE’s roasting process is fully automated and precision controlled by an advance touch screen panel computer system preprogramed to the roasting parameters and profile.  A two step process that begins with the operator loading the hopper followed by the computer seamlessly completing the finished product.  VAPE’s roasting granularity insures an identical batch-to-batch signature product eliminating waste caused by human error while facilitating a much smoother process and facile quality control. 

VAPE’s fluidized bed roasting technology while similar to hot air roasting or what we prefer to call ‘Vapor Roasting’ is the best in the world and is incontestable or comparable to any other fluidized bed roasting technology. Hence our name VAPE COFFEE. These other hot air roasters require the same filters and afterburner systems found in industrial applications due to the unavoidable toxic waste produced into their coffee roasting process.  In addition these roasters demonstrate an inability to yield quality coffee and produce industrial volumes.

VAPE roasting capacities are continuously non-intermitted with 32 % less carbon footprint (lb./hr) than any other roaster in the market.  VAPE has created a new coffee roasting technology that sets the pinnacle standard for sustainability.  An innovative acme defined by three pillars:  Health, Taste & Economics (HTE). In conclusion our process produces cleaner, healthier and tastier coffee in less time and requiring less energy.  

High Quality 

Superior Taste 


Value Addition 
K, Fair Trade, Organic
Low Carcinogen
Rich Aromatics 
Dynamic Profiling
Time Efficient
Industrial Output

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1827 SW 31 Avenue 

Pembroke Park, FL 33009